Creditor’s Rights Representation

Very few commercial or private lenders of any consequence achieve a 100% recovery against a financially distressed borrower. When the quality of credit begins to deteriorate, you know how critical it is to find knowledgeable legal counsel ready to assist in evaluating workout options, security interests, pre-judgment remedies, real and personal property enforcement rights, and bankruptcy risks.

The professionals of The Hinds Law Group have long been acknowledged for their skills in every aspect of Creditor Rights Enforcement and Remedies.

Before launching into or defending collection litigation, we take the time to assess a Party’s options, exposure, remedies, and cost of same. We want to be certain of the opportunities to improve our client’s position and to minimize litigation time and expense.

We know how to build the strongest case in State, Federal, and Bankruptcy Court, or in an Out-of-Court Workout, Mediation, or Arbitration scenarios spanning several decades of varied and complex experience custom tailored to our client’s circumstances and particular goals. This expertise gives us the winning edge in negotiations, documentation of forbearance and other agreements, in preparing workout structures for our clients, and if ultimately necessary, engaging in appropriate litigation before State, Federal, and Bankruptcy Court and in implementing appropriate remedies.

The firm’s extensive representation of secured and unsecured lenders, as well as borrowers, in enforcing loan covenants enhances our unique view of the forces at work between lender, borrower, and guarantor.

We offer our creditor clients a full range of credit enforcement tools including: prejudgment attachments, asset seizure, rent capture and receiverships, asset liquidation, collection litigation, enforcement of guarantor and surety obligations, garnishment, setting aside fraudulent and voluntary conveyances, enforcement and collection on judgments, and successful bankruptcy representation, both of Single Business Creditor and Chapter 11 Creditor Committees.

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