Distressed Business Representation

PGA Class Golf Course and Club: Successful Representation of Debtor in its Cooperative Liquidation during and following its Chapter 11 case.

Oil Extraction Company: Success Representation of the Company in its Chapter 11 case and Confirmation of its Restructuring Plan as an ongoing Successful Business.

Commercial Real Estate Developer: Successful Representation in Developer’s Chapter 11 case and Cooperative Liquidation of Shopping Center following Successful Negotiation of Extension of Loan to allow for time to refinance Real Property Loans for Three Years while in Chapter 11.

Plumbing Repair Company: Successful Representation of Company in its Chapter 11 case and resultant cooperative liquidation.

Corporate Importer of Bedding from China/$100 Million Per Year Corporation: Successful Chapter 11 Representation of Corporation resulting in full restoration of Company and dramatic increase in revenue, following two years of Extensive Litigation and Negotiations.

Telecommunications Company: Successful Representation of Company in its Chapter 11 case through a cooperative liquidation.

Business Entrepreneur:  Successful Ongoing Representation of Entrepreneur in his Chapter 11 case and extensive and favorable settlements with Secured Creditors, Internal Revenue Service, Franchise Tax Board, and General Unsecured Creditors, and through a resultant cooperative liquidation.

Information Technology Company: Successful Representation of a large Information Technology Corporation and its Corporate Business Affiliates and Owner in their  cooperative business liquidation in Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 cases.

Creditor Committee Representation

Large Ocean Front Mobile Home Park: Successful Representation of the Official Committee of General Unsecured Creditors in the Chapter 11 Case resulting in a 100% Dividend to Creditors on their Claims and Remediation and Repurchase of the Real Property.

Real Estate Developers and Auto Dealership Fraud Scheme:  Successful Representation of the Official Committee of General Unsecured Creditors in the Debtor’s Chapter 11 Case, resulting in a 100% Dividend to General Unsecured Creditors, following two years of Discovery, Litigation, and Negotiations.

Major Automobile and Real Estate Mogul: Successful Representation of the Official Committee of General Unsecured Creditors in Chapter 11 case through complex, contentious, and voluminous Discovery, leading to a Successful Conversion Motion for the Committee of the case to Chapter 7 and full cooperation with the Appointed Trustee to enable the Estate to complete review and due diligence against the Debtor and numerous third parties regarding allegations of fraudulent transfers of valuable real property, cash, and collector automobiles.

Mid-Size Franchisor of Mobile Pet Grooming Corporation: Successful Representation of the Committee of General Unsecured Creditors in the Chapter 11 Case through contentious Discovery, Litigation, and Negotiations to a Consensual Plan for payment of a 100% Dividend to General Unsecured Creditors.

High Profile Chapter 7 Representation

Prominent Actor: Successful Representation of Actor in his chapter 7 case to obtain a Discharge of several millions of dollars of business and personal debt and Successful Defense of Actor in several related Fraud Litigation Actions and Negotiation of Favorable Settlements of same.

Major Commercial Real Estate Developers and Owners: Successful Representation of Commercial Real Estate Developers and Owners during prior Downturn in Real Estate Market, resulting in Discharge of nearly $30 Million in Business Debt through a complex Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case, to a current full restoration of current business operations and profit in the current Real Estate Development and Sales Market.

Business Litigation

Successful Trial Against Former Laker And Clipper Player: Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law in favor of our client and against former Laker and Clipper, Brian Cook, for in excess of $500,000 (plus attorneys’ fees) in a successful prosecution of claims under 11 U.S.C. § 523(a)(2)(A) of the Bankruptcy Code.  Judge Robert Kwan found that (1) Cook and his agents made false representations and did not intend on fulfilling Cook’s obligations under an Option Agreement and a Real Estate Sales Contract: (2) Cook failed to disclose material information regarding existing liens against the Subject Property to the buyer; (3) Cook failed to provide information on the status of title for the Subject Property; and (4) Cook sought to sell and/or lease the Subject Property to a third-party while the Subject Property was under contract of sale.  A final Judgment will be entered later this year.

Former Director and Owner of Established Prominent Post-Production Movie Feature, Television Commercial, and Theme Park Media Corporation: Ongoing Successful Defense of Individual in Chapter 11 case as Defendant in Major Alleged Fraud Litigation through Extensive Discovery, Several Contentious Law and Motion Matters, and Pre-Mediation Negotiations, through Agreed Mediation and Trial, if necessary.

Major Creditor Representation in Extensive Civil Fraud Litigation Against Professional Basketball Player and his Wife: Ongoing Successful Representation of Creditors in Multiple Fraud State and Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 Actions involving Extensive Discovery, Contentious Complex Law and Motion matters to pursuing recovery of title to multi-million dollar beach front residence and damages against the Basketball Player and his wife and ongoing Litigation and Negotiations with Chapter 7 Trustee of Estate.

Major Creditor Representation in Extensive Fraud Litigation:  Successful Representation of Business Creditor who obtained at Trial through The Hinds Law Group a Non-Dischargeable Fraud Judgment for over $2.5 Million and Ongoing Successful Representation of same in collecting on the Judgment for the Client through appropriate Judgment Enforcement Remedies

Major State Court Business Litigation: Successful Representation of large Wind Turbine Electricity Generation Facility Contractor and Developer against International Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier involving regarding three massive Projects in the Desert Southwest involving alleged Breaches of Contracts and Product Defect Litigation in State Court wherein The Hinds Law Group, through extensive Pre-Trial Litigation and Discovery successfully negotiated with Co-Counsel Settlement of a $30 Million Debt down to $4.2 Million payable over four years, with no interest.

Multi-Billion Dollar Hedge Fund Creditor Representation: Successful Representation of Large National Hedge Funds resulting in Successful Collection of Several Millions of Dollars through necessary Litigation, Mediation, and Negotiations in Out of Court Work-Outs and Federal Litigation.