Our Firm

At The Hinds Law Group, we are committed to providing our clients with high quality, personal service in an efficient and cost-effective manner in virtually all Financial Law and Business Litigation matters. Our deliberately lean staffing means we can give full and undivided attention to the details of each client’s particular problem without being required to support unnecessary overhead. At the most basic level, this means we respond to all phone calls and e-mails generally within a few business hours.

Our attorneys can measure their experience, education and credentials favorably against the attorneys at any of the big corporate law firms in California. In fact, many of our referrals come from large corporate law departments and accounting firms who know we will do our utmost to assess and help the healthy businesses and their owners recover what it is due, whether that is real or personal property, damages for fraud, or breach of contract, for example, or to assist in fixing what is broken and return a distressed business, or business owner to being whole and profitable, or to represent Creditor Committees in Chapter 11 to maximize recoveries, or the same for prominent Chapter 7 and 11 Trustees, and well as to defend Preference and Fraudulent Conveyance, and pursue and defend other Financial Law Actions in State, Federal, and Bankruptcy Court Litigation, Work-Outs, Mediations, and Arbitrations throughout California and the United States.

When you bring your middle market legal problem to the attorneys at The Hinds Law Group, the first thing we do is listen… and learn. We know business, but in order to help you effectively, we need to understand your business. Our attorneys have the unique ability to quickly get up-to-speed on what makes companies in your industry profitable, and what is necessary to solve your problems and grow the business.

For example, the firm has recently represented clients in such diverse industries as automobile dealerships, rental car companies, wind farms and renewable energy, healthcare, telecommunications, oil, ambulance and non-emergency transportation, the 12-volt industry, the film and recording industries, aftermarket auto products, and many others.

Our expertise goes beyond litigation, and includes assisting clients in matters involving administrative law, banking, consumer issues, business planning and other related matters. We maintain a network of reliable experts, including bankers in the middle market, to help our clients to collect property and money, obtain and enforce judgments, or restructure and regroup, whether in the context of a bankruptcy reorganization, or out of court workout. When the business cannot be saved, we provide superior representation in a voluntary dissolution, orderly liquidation (through bankruptcy or otherwise), or assignment for the benefit of creditors process.

The Hinds Law Group is a minority owned law firm located in the South Bay in Torrance, California which practices throughout California and the United States.