Mediation, Arbitration and Out-of-Court Workouts

At The Hinds Law Group, we know that litigation a Bankruptcy case, or related Creditor Litigation can be expensive, time consuming, and often times, not the best solution for our clients. Our attorneys have developed a national reputation for effectively seeking out non-litigation alternatives to resolve disputes:

  • Mediation
    A Consensual Meeting before either a Retired Judge, or a Highly Experienced Senior Lawyer who can narrow the legal and factual issues and often times bring the Parties to a resolution of their respective disputed claims based on the facts, the law, the goals, and most importantly, based upon financial reality. In a Mediation, each Party must leave something “on the table” to buy certainty and closure, whereas the outcome in litigation is always expensive and uncertain. The Hinds Law Group is proud of decades of successful dispute resolutions through Mediation and has access to a Network of the best Mediators throughout California and the United States. The Costs of a Mediator are usually split equally among the Parties, thereby lowering the costs of ultimately having a full Trial of the disputes.
  • Arbitration
    A Binding Determination akin to a Trial by a Private Judge based upon discovery, evidence, and the law, usually required under certain Contracts, or can be agreed-to in most disputes. The advantage of an Arbitration over a Trial is that the Parties can pick the Private Judge from a list of Highly Qualified Private Judges throughout California and the United States, as opposed to dealing with a Judge who may not be the best candidate to determine a particular matter. Like a Mediation, the Costs of an Arbitrator are usually split equally among the Parties, representing a significant savings when compared to a Trial. Similarly, The Hinds Law Group has access to a superlative Network of highly vetted Arbitrators for virtually every type of business, or financial law dispute, providing clients with a distinct advantage over other law firms.
  • Out-of-Court Workouts for Creditors, Litigants, or for Financially Distressed Business Clients
    The Attorneys at The Hinds Law Group pride themselves based upon experience, insight, and talent to orchestrate meaningful Settlement Discussions with Opposing Counsel and their clients to “think outside the box” to negotiate and achieve an Out-of-Court consensual resolution based upon the client’s goals, particular facts, and applicable law to each case in a highly effective manner. This process can either be quick, or take several months to achieve the desired result, custom suited to each client in as cost-effective a manner as possible, should the opposing side be amenable to such a form of dispute resolution. The Attorneys at The Hinds Law Group have the skills, patience, and know-how to maximize the benefits of such negotiations, if appropriate to a client’s dispute resolution.

We will thoroughly analyze the facts of your dispute and represent you as a Party Advocate in a Mediation, Arbitration, or Out-of-Court Workout scenario, as opposed to the expense of litigation, or a bankruptcy filing, or related litigation, for a business, or the business owner, as may be appropriate to your circumstances and goals.

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